Anza sees excessive snow totals following holiday storms

Lenticular clouds indicate high winds following a snow storm in Anza in December. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Anza Valley residents can’t seem to stop commenting on the exceptional snowfall accumulations in December, and certain areas received more than a foot of snow from two significant storms. Officially, Anza experiences an average of just over 5 inches of snow each winter. This number indicates that some years receive less and some more of the white stuff, and it seems that 2019-2020 will be above the average mark. According to records kept from 1943-2005, average precipitation received in the Anza Valley is 12.79 inches per year, with average snowfall totals recorded at 5.8 inches. The storms caused business and school closures, traffic snarls and slippery road and driveway conditions. Many residents learned how to apply tire chains for the first time, while many others remained h
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