Movie Review: ‘The Grudge’

I never saw the 2004 version of “The Grudge” or the 2002 Japanese horror film that served as its basis. I didn’t even watch either film for research before seeing this new film. I figured that if this film was going the remake route, it might hurt to know when the scares were coming. Similar research tainted my enjoyment of last year’s remake of “Pet Cemetery,” as I waited with waning interest for John Lithgow to descend that staircase. It turns out I was worried about nothing, for two reasons. The first is that this film is a sequel, not a remake, so the scares as far as I can tell are not direct repeats. The second is that the scares in this movie would be ineffective regardless of spoilers.The film opens in 2004 with live-in nurse Fiona Landers, played by Tara Westwood,
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