Mountain lion sightings alarm residents

Camera footage still of mountain lion
This lion is seen feeding on a fresh deer kill. Anza Valley Outlook/Thomas Firth photo
Mountain lion sightings have been all the rage on social media in recent weeks. But many have been misidentified and by their tracks found to be other animals or large dogs. However, mountain lions are here in the Anza Valley and have been positively identified traveling, hunting and lurking in the canyons and scrub of the area.The cougar or mountain lion, Puma concolor, is native to California. More than half the state is mountain lion habitat.They are cunning and skilled predators, elusive and rarely seen in the wild. The cats’ main prey are moose, elk, deer and caribou in North America. They also feed on smaller wildlife, such as squirrels, rabbits and birds. Mountain lions have been known to prey on domestic livestock, including poultry, calves, sheep, goats and pigs. It is p
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