Kenny Metcalf as Elton and the Early Years Band comes to Temecula theater

TEMECULA – Down to the very last rhinestone on a perfectly recreated jacket, when Kenny Metcalf and The Early Years Band is onstage, audiences swear they’re being serenaded by Elton John himself. Having performed Elton John hits across the country to sold-out shows and earning the endorsements of Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest and John’s original producer and lead guitarist Caleb Quaye, the California native has made a name for himself as the best Elton John impersonator in the business.Metcalf brings his Elton: The Early Years show to the Old Town Temecula Theater Friday, Feb. 28, at 8 p.m.What made Metcalf decide to dedicate a tribute band to Elton John?“I was a drummer in high school and one day a classmate sat down at the piano in the drama room and played “Benny and
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