Play it safe by planning a wine tour in Temecula Wine Country

It’s great to go wine tasting in Temecula Wine Country, but alleviate the stress of having to drive from winery to winery by booking a winery tour from one of the more than two dozen options in the area. Valley News/Courtesy photo
As the weather begins to warm up, some of your friends and family members may start reminding you about that time you said you would take them all wine tasting. Remember? You promised. Well, you should probably make good on that promise. So, there’s no better time than now to start researching the best ways to show your group of wine lovers around Temecula Wine Country. Now, you could plan it so everyone drives their own cars in a small caravan navigating the backcountry roads from stop to stop, but that would ensure that at least one person in each car misses out on the wine. That’s no fun. Better yet, you could consider hiring a wine tour for your group, ensuring everyone gets the full Temecula Wine Country experience and avoiding the risk of someone abandoning thei
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