LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood mustered its creative forces in the 1940s when Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany sought to conquer the world, with Humphrey Bogart standing up to the fascist regime in "Casablanca" and director Ernst Lubitsch mocking it and its dictator in "To Be or Not to Be." More than 70 years later, an increase in hate crimes, emboldened white supremacists and political upheaval have prompted TV and film makers to revisit Nazism. The works are varied and their receptions mixed, but they share a goal: to use fiction to learn from 20th-century totalitarianism and its horrors, including the Holocaust that claimed the lives of 6 million Jews. In Amazon's "Hunters," an unlikely group of 1970s New Yorkers target German Nazis who have brought their
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