Scales of all shapes and sizes slither their way into The Reptile Shop

A 3-year-old boa constrictor that when fully grown will be 8-10 feet is on display at The Reptile Shop in Temecula, during their grand opening, Saturday, Feb. 29. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo
A 7-foot-long boa was laid out across the concrete for everyone to see as guests crowded around it, hoping to have a chance to run their fingers across its smooth scales.The Reptile Shop in Temecula opened its doors to the public Feb. 29, celebrating the occasion with KTMQ-FM 103.3 Temecula Rocks radio station, alongside Avian Behavior and Forever Wild Animal Sanctuary.The 7-foot boa belongs to Anthony Mares, the sales manager at The Reptile Shop.“This is a Suriname boa; she’s a sweetheart,” Mares said. “This is actually a true red-tail boa. Most of the red-tail boas that you see in places like this are actually Columbian boas; they’re not true red-tails because they’re brown.”Mares said he has alw
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