Not exactly gloating, stockpiling ‘preppers’ have a moment

JOHN SEEWER Associated Press TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Curt La Haise has put up with plenty of razzing from friends over the years who have called him paranoid for stockpiling an eight-month supply of food in his basement and having enough fuel to power his generator for almost an entire winter. They're not laughing anymore amid panic buying that has cleared store shelves across the U.S. and growing fears that the new coronavirus will force many Americans to self-quarantine for weeks in their homes. "Now my friends are like, 'What should I do, what should I get?'" said La Haise, who operates a firearms and safety training business near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. "Prepping doesn't look so bad now." For those in the often-mocked "prepper" community, this is quickly becoming their "I told you
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