Fentanyl Epidemic: Father steps up efforts to elevate criminal responsibility of drug dealers

Alex’s dad stands with U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan during a political rally that he and a group of supporters “crashed” recently. He was able to speak with both Darrell Issa and Jordan about the issue of making drug dealers more criminally accountable for their role in overdoses. Valley News/Courtesy photo
This six-part series of stories featuring the people and the knowledge they have regarding the lethal dangers associated with fentanyl started with one man: Alex’s dad. It seems appropriate that it should end the series with him.Alex’s dad took to the podium at the Temecula City Council meeting Tuesday, Feb. 4, and read to the council a speech he had written.“I’m here on behalf of Jacob Alexander, 2017 graduate of Chaparral High School. Dec. 3, 2019, dead,” he said. “I’m here on behalf of Caleb Dunlap, senior at Great Oak High School, Dec. 15, 2019, dead. I’m here on behalf of Dylan Perez, 2017 graduate of Great Oak High School, Dec. 17, 2019, dead. I’m here on behalf of Alexandra Capelouto, 2017 graduate of Great Oak High School, Dec. 23, 2019, dead.“I just
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