Viral virus briefing: Where science meets all things Trump

CALVIN WOODWARD Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — For a few moments in the Rose Garden, the coronavirus pandemic is a bucking bronco with President Donald Trump on its back. His arm swings an invisible rope. He seems to be hanging on for dear life. "Ride it like a cowboy," he growls. "Just ride it. Ride that sucker right through." This rodeo riff came during the daily White House coronavirus task force briefing, where science meets all things Trump. It's where the teetotaling president serves a 5 o'clock cocktail of public-health policy, twisted facts, invented achievements, performance art, hectoring, cheerleading, erraticism, improvisation, self-praise, pet theories and a dash of eloquence. Shaken not stirred. Late in starting, finished when he feels like it. The self-styled "w
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