AFV asks for community assistance

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At Animal Friends of the Valleys, not much has changed. While precautions are in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, animals continue to arrive at the shelter each week. Now AFV is looking for some assistance from the community to provide much needed care for these homeless pets.

“This is an unprecedented time in all of our lives. Here at Animal Friends of the Valleys, our mission is to continue providing the highest standard of care for the lost, homeless, and abandoned animals in our valleys while making sure we protect ourselves and the public,” the organization said in an emailed statement to Valley News.

According to AFV, providing care to homeless pets is essential to the community. The shelter remains open for adoptions, fostering and returning lost pets to their owners, but the number of animals being admitted increases daily at the shelter. Adoption numbers are declining due to COVID-19 and at AFV that is creating a problem.

“Our pet food supply is getting low,” Beth Soltysiak, director of development at AFV, said in the email statement.

A lack of food, lower adoption rates and an increasing number of pets to care for doesn’t bode well for those homeless pets at the shelter, she said.

“We really need your help,” she said.

The shelter is currently accepting donations of cat food, dry cat food, wet kitten food, dry small breed dog food, dry dog food, dry senior dog food, dry weight maintenance dog food, wet dog food, cat litter and newspaper.

Donations can be dropped off at Animal Friends of the Valleys, 33751 Mission Trail, in Wildomar.

Another way to help is by fostering or adopting a pet, Soltysiak said.

“We don’t know what the situation will be in the weeks to come, but we do know that these animals need your support now more than ever,” she said. “Our staff continues to provide top-notch care for the animals in our shelter, but these pets need your love and they need a home to call their own.

“If you have space in your heart and in your home, please consider fostering a shelter pet until they are adopted to their forever families. If you think you might be that forever family, visit our website and take home an adoptable pet for life,” Soltysiak said.

To view a list of adoptable pets, make a cash donation or learn more about how you can help, visit

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