More adults are getting braces, here’s the clear way to your best smile

man with braces
Valley News/Adobestock photo
AVENTURA, Fla. – About 4 million Americans wear braces, but braces aren’t just for children anymore. Adults account for over 1 million orthodontic patients in the U.S., according to the American Association of Orthodontics.“One of the biggest benefitsof tooth alignment at any age is that your teeth will not only look better, but they’ll feel better, too,” Dr. Rick Mars, a general dentist and the author of “The Big Smile: The Principles of Modern Dentistry – for Dentists and Patients.” “For adults, it’s a second chance to achieve a bright smile and enhance their long-term dental health. Most people don’t realize that teeth do not age, they wear out. Teeth that are aligned properly should last a lifetime if properly maintained. With clear aligner systems, the
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