Valley News Graphic/CDC Courtesy Photo

RIVERSIDE (CNS) – The Board of Supervisors is slated next week to direct the Emergency Management Department to accept a $1.8 million federal grant to cover a range of costs directly tied to Riverside County’s coronavirus mitigation efforts.

The allotment, which will be disbursed by the California Department of Public Health, is among the grant awards made available under the Coronavirus Preparedness & Response Supplemental Appropriations Act signed into law by President Donald Trump on March 6.

“This one-time funding is intended to reimburse the county for COVID-19 crisis response for the period March 5, 2020, through March 15, 2021,” according to an Executive Office statement posted to the Board of Supervisors’ agenda. “The funding is critical support from the federal government to assist in the response to the ongoing pandemic.”

Almost 500 county residents have been infected, resulting in 14 deaths as of Thursday, according to the Riverside University Health System.

The grant will cover costs stemming from resource obligations, supply acquisitions, including surgical gloves and masks, equipment acquisitions, including ventilators, and the procurement of food and basic office implements, according to the EMD.

The funds will be paid based on submissions from the county to the state showing specific measures that have been put into effect. A spending plan must be forwarded to the state by April 9 detailing the county’s current and future expenditures for “early crisis response,” “surge management,” “biosurveillance” and other actions, according to documents.

Officials said that the process is already underway.