Pandemic activity drives home-buying activity down, real estate agents say

Unclear what the future impact on the housing market will be

A home in Temecula displays a ‘for sale’ sign Sunday, April 5, 2020. Valley News/Will Fritz photo
It’s still far too early to tell what impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on the housing market. If the crisis is over quickly, if the nation is successful at “flattening the curve” and life gets back to normal, the market should pick up where it left off. But if efforts to slow the spread of the virus are unsuccessful and the governor or local entities are forced to keep people in their homes for many more months to stop more people from getting sick and even dying, that could be a different story. For now, local Realtors and real estate experts seem cautiously optimistic about the future. Right now, it appears that home sales that were already in progress before the full brunt of the pandemic-related shutdowns and stay-at-home orders were felt in mid-to-late March
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