Community Mission of Hope continues to feed those in need

Craig Poston, a volunteer at Community Mission of Hope, loads food items into the trunk of a car during a distribution of food to people receiving the items in a drive-up operation, March 27. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
During a typical week at the Community Mission of Hope in Temecula, Executive Director Maegan Bourlett works face to face with individuals and families in need of help with food as usually, the organization requires proof of need in the form of paycheck stubs and paperwork. But these are unusual times.“We’re waiving all of that, and we normally don’t do a drive-thru,” Bourlett said. “Typically, they get out and they get it and they take their own food to their cars. We’ve had to kind of redo the whole program. Right now we’re not asking for proof of income or anything like that, if you need food, drive up and we’ll load it into your car.”These days, Community Mission of Hope averaging more than 100 cars per day.[caption id="attachment_23061" align="aligncenter
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