‘Sowers’ use all sorts of groovy patterns to sew masks for community

A local church group in Temecula sews masks out of different fabrics for those who can’t get masks due to the shortage from COVID-19. Lexington Howe/Valley News photo
A group of 12 have started making facemasks for all different types of essential workers, from nurses, doctors, and more recently, the Los Angeles Police Department.Sowers is a group of about 80 women from Rancho Community Church in Temecula. The group started over a decade ago, and they make all sorts of items, from quilts, tote bags, to clothes for children in Africa. Their most recent endeavor, making facemasks, is supported by a group of 12 individuals within the Sowers group.Murrieta resident Dorothy Demmin, otherwise known as Dot, has been sewing since she was young and has been with the group since its initial inception back around 2007, 2008.“We were hesitant because in the beginning everybody wasn’t sure whether they were valued or not,” Demmin said of the origin
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