Movie Review: ‘Dolittle’

Valley News/Courtesy photo
NOTE: I am reviewing this film because of its convenient video on demand availability following a theatrical run in January. I fully acknowledge and respect the decision to close most of the theaters in the country due to COVID-19. Stay safe, everybody.I was so glad when I didn’t have to review “Dolittle” back in January. I went on vacation for two weekends and wrote two Oscars articles to run in place of the regular reviews. During that time, “Dolittle” performed well enough at the box office to justify a review even though the film was ravaged by critics. At the time I heaved a sigh of relief that I had dodged a bullet. But the halting of new releases has led me to retroactively take a look at the film, the first I’ve ever reviewed through an “on demand” service. I sa
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