Veteran Showcase: Brad Anderson is proud to call Anza ‘home’

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Brad Anderson stands watch while serving as a sergeant in the infantry. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Veteran Brad Anderson served in the United States Marine Corps as a sergeant in the infantry. Inspired by the war on terrorism, Anderson enlisted in 2003.“I have several inspirations for serving in the Marine Corps Infantry, as well as serving my country,” he said. “But more specifically, one of the main reasons for joining at that time in my life and leaving college was that our country was at war with terrorism. So I wanted to go do my part and also wanted to go for my family – especially all my nieces and nephews – in hopes that I could do my part in preventing them from having to go fight in the future.”As the highest-ranking noncommissioned officers, U.S. Marine Corps sergeants are the backbone of the Marine, he said. They are the main link between the enlisted men
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