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Andrew Zucker
Andrew Zucker, Attorney at Law, The Zucker Law Firm

Andrew Zucker, Attorney at Law

Most people find themselves in need of a good attorney at some point in their lives. You may find yourself needing help with an injury claim, creating a will and trust, real estate and business contracts, employment issues and the list goes on. So how do you find a good attorney?

There are many resources people can turn to when they start their search. These may include personal recommendations from a friend or colleague, internet searches, lawyer referral agencies and marketing they find in newspapers, the internet and on television.

There is no single way to find a good attorney but below are five things to consider that may help you in your search.

Check for their specialization.

People should look for an attorney that specializes in the area that they need help with. Some attorneys advertise that they practice in the areas of personal injury, family law and criminal law for example. This notice is a red flag that they may not be dealing with a specialist. Each area of a legal practice requires specific knowledge and skills. Attorneys that practice in many areas may not be as specialized in the area needed. Look for an attorney that dedicates their law practice to a specific area. Find a specialist.

Check them out.

Check their references. Before hiring an attorney, ask to speak to a former client about their experience with the specific attorney and about how the attorney handled their case. This information can very valuable and gives firsthand feedback about how an attorney handled a similar case.

Meet them.

Meet with the attorney before hiring them. This step sounds pretty basic, but many people hire an attorney based on an ad they see on television or with just meeting with the attorney’s paralegal. If the attorney does not have the time to meet personally with clients at the start of their case, they may not have time to meet with them as the case progresses either. If people are unable to meet with their prospective attorney at the beginning of a case, they may want to look elsewhere.

Visit their office.

Go to the office and meet the staff as well. Take a look around. It is helpful to see how much information can gained from making a visit. Is the office clean and tidy? Is the staff professional and courteous? Did they wait in the reception area for a long time before meeting the attorney at the scheduled appointment time? These are all indicators of how the office is managed and how the client will be treated if they hire the attorney.

Trust those instincts.

First impressions are priceless. A prospective client will likely get a feeling about an attorney within minutes of meeting them. Is the attorney being honest with them? Do they make eye contact? Do they listen to their client’s concerns? Do they take the time to explain things and answer questions? In the end, do some research on an attorney, but they should also trust their instincts.

Finding and hiring a good attorney is important to getting a successful outcome on a case. There are many attorneys that practice in all areas of law. Finding one that is experienced and good fit for a client and their case is essential to a favorable outcome, but it takes some time and effort. Following these five recommendations will help in the search and hopefully help them find and hire the right attorney.

Andrew Zucker of The Zucker Law Firm in Temecula is a trial attorney that specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases. In 1993, Zucker started his legal career in the Riverside District Attorney’s Office as a deputy district attorney. As a prosecutor, Zucker refined his trial skills handling serious and violent felony’s including rape and murder cases. His trial skills and success resulted in him being recognized by the California State Assembly and the Riverside District Attorney’s office as the felony prosecutor of the year in 1998. Zucker has been practicing in Temecula for over 20 years and has represented many police officers, sheriff deputies and firemen injured or killed in the line of duty. Zucker is honored to have prosecuted one of the largest wrongful death judgments in the history of California resulting in an award of $50,000,000. The Zucker Law Firm is located at 43434 Business Park Drive in Temecula. For more information or an appointment, call 951-699-2100 or visit

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