RIVERSIDE (CNS) – Riverside County supervisors tomorrow will consider returning their meeting schedule to normal, doing away with planned suspensions that were put in place based on coronavirus mitigation concerns.

On March 17, the Board of Supervisors added four so-called “dark days” to the schedule — March 24 and 31, as well as April 28 and May 12 — believing then that the farther meetings were spaced apart, the greater the public health benefits.

However, the Executive Office is seeking to cancel the May 12 dark day with a resumption of business and also have the board in session on June 2, which had originally been scheduled as a day without any board activity.

The supervisors would still not be in session on May 26, the day after the Memorial Day holiday, which is traditional.

In a statement posted to the board agenda, the Executive Office said “pressing matters” behoove a return to regular business. Hearings to iron out details in the 2020-21 fiscal year budget are typically held throughout June.

The board is additionally slated on Tuesday to repeal a series of public health orders that county Public Health Officer Cameron Kaiser re-implemented last week, with Chairman Manuel Perez maintaining that coronavirus infection data show the pathogen is in retreat, while there is a need to make the county “workforce-ready” when Gov. Gavin Newsom begins undoing COVID-19-related mandates.

If the board approves the second revised meeting schedule, the remaining dark days for the year would fall on the following dates:
— July 21 and 28;
— Aug. 11 and 18;
— Sept. 8;
— Oct. 13;
— Nov. 24;
— Dec. 1, 22 and 29.

The board retains authority to amend the schedule as and when it desires.