As California homeless quarantine in hotels, many more rooms are needed

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Anxiety mounted every time someone at the homeless shelter sneezed or residents got too close. For Matthew Padilla, a 34-year-old with a pacemaker and asthma, catching the novel coronavirus would likely mean death. So he jumped at the chance to move into a hotel room for free as part of a new California program. Within days, he and his husband, Nito, were in a room near Los Angeles' Koreatown, where meals are delivered along with health screenings. “At the shelter I was constantly getting up, checking on him,” said Nito Padilla, 36. “And here I know he’s safe. I know he’s OK.” The Padillas are among roughly 7,000 people in California who have been moved out of shelters, vehicles and rough streets to ride out the pandemic in hotels, an effort Gov. G
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