Avalanche of indictments coming. Q says, ‘Enjoy the show!’

Harold Pease Ph.D.
Harold Pease, Ph.D.
There was no Trump collusion or obstruction of justice. The real Russian collusion story is, and will, take center stage the remainder of the year. Investigative reporter Sara Carter told FOX News, “Avalanche of indictments are coming. People are already turning on each other. Throwing colleagues under the bus in order to save themselves.” These coming indictments are on those who fabricated the Russian collusion hoax – the coup to overthrow an elected president.As much as Robert Mueller wanted collusion and obstruction of justice to be so, so that he could assist in the removal of his hated president, he had to admit in his report that neither existed. In fact, those still purporting what has now been shown to be a hoax cannot even identify an actual crime committed by candidate
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