Newsom welcomes protest rage; decries violence and theft

BRIAN MELLEY and KATHLEEN RONAYNE Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday he welcomed the rage of protesters as long as they are peaceful, but he denounced unnamed groups of anarchists and others who used the demonstrations to tag graffiti on buildings, burn banks, shatter store windows and run off with armloads of goods. "The looting, the violence, the threats against fellow human beings: That has no place in this state and in this nation," Newsom said. "Those that want to express themselves and have: Thank you. God bless you. Keep doing it. Your rage is real, express it so that we can hear it, let's not let others drown out that rage." Newsom has called up 4,500 National Guard troops to supplement overwhelmed police in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angel
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