Temecula will close Old Town streets for restaurant social distancing plan

Temecula Director of Community Development Luke Watson presents a plan to close down some Old Town streets so that restaurants may expand outdoors to maintain social distancing guidelines.
The Temecula City Council at its June 9 meeting approved a plan to shut down Front Street and two other roadways in Old Town temporarily to allow restaurants to move tables outside in an effort to maintain social distancing standards as much as possible as coronavirus-related restrictions on business begin to be lifted. The plan calls for Front Street, along with Fourth and Fifth streets, to be closed to vehicular traffic beginning Wednesday, June 17. Front will be shut down between Second and Sixth streets, while Fourth and Fifth will be closed between Mercedes Street and the Murrieta Creek. The plan will allow eateries to move their operations onto the sidewalk and into on-street parking spaces, Temecula Director of Community Development Luke Watson said in a presentation to the co
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