Don Stephens tends bees in Anza

Wearing protective gear, beekeeper Don Stephens opens a bee box to reveal the honeycombs and bees within. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
When an errant bee swarm takes residence in someone’s yard, building or recreational vehicle, Don Stephens is the beekeeper Anza Valley residents turn to for help.With decades of experience, Stephens has the equipment and knowledge to safely remove the valuable insects and place them in snug honey bee boxes.“I was seven when my grandfather Gary Griffith took me on my first bee removal,” Stephens said. “We had 25 bee hives. Later in 1988, I started out on my own with 10 hives in California. Due to wildfires, I lost all of them, and it wasn’t until 2007 I started up again, supporting local non-GMO farmers.”Besides removing bees, Stephens has dozens of hives and harvests and sells honey, beeswax and honeycomb. Many people would be surprised to discover he also breeds q
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