Learn from Congregation B’nai Chaim: What is a Nazarite?

Hefsiba "Jen" Cohen
Hefsiba "Jen" Cohen Special to Valley NewsThis week’s parashah, Nasso, is about the interesting rites of the Nazarite, an Israelite who desired to dedicate themselves to the service of God, which included, in ancient times, work in the tabernacle or temple. This person was bound by promise to stay away from certain things as they became set apart and consecrated as holy according to Numbers 6:1-21. By making such a vow, they would be holy unto God and to serve him in an official capacity.Since the word nazir means to “separate,” the Nazarite would make a vow to separate themselves from certain things including wine, grape products and, interestingly, hair cutting.Also, the same Hebrew letters can also be read as nezer, which means “crown.” Interestingly, the Torah sai
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