Old Town’s Temecula Stampede and Baily’s work to provide a safe atmosphere for guests due to COVID-19

The Stampede
Social distancing can be a problem on the dance floor at venues such as the Temecula Stampede. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
With 6,000 square feet and a large dance floor – can social distancing be maintained? According to The Temecula Stampede in Old Town Temecula, the answer is yes, and they hope to open their doors soon. Administrative manager Steven Merems and staff have been working to ensure social distancing guidelines as they coincide with the county. “It’s a big building,” Merems said of The Temecula Stampede. “Social distancing here, while it’s a challenge on the dance floor, is pretty easy to obtain just on the floor in general.” Merems added that the entire establishment’s occupancy is around 958 people at one time. “We’ve never come close to our capacity,” Merems said, adding that 450 people is about the most they’ve had at one time. “We figure as long as
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