America is full of good people who mean well and want justice

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder
Our country is not perfect, however when we as a culture or a society see something unjust, we work hard to fix it. We did it with slavery, child labor, civil rights and women’s rights to name a few. This is why the whole country was united in the belief that George Floyd’s death was criminal. Everyone who saw that video was horrified. Almost every police officer agreed according to published news reports. After that, people of all ages, races and backgrounds wanted to rise up and decry the injustice. We are at an important junction in our nation’s history. Dr. Shelby Steele has a sociology degree and has written many books. In one of those books, “White Guilt,” he explains that in 1965 the race riots broke out across the nation precisely at the moment when white guilt started
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