Perfecto Coffee brings quality coffee to local businesses, gyms or workplace

Bruce Long, left, and his business consultant Michael Emerson, right, stand inside the mobile coffee unit, Perfecto Coffee, outside the Progressive Health and Performance gym in Murrieta, Wednesday, June 10. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo
Imagine not having to sit in drive-thru lines for that next cup of coffee. Still imagining it? Perfecto Coffee, a mobile coffee unit out of Perris, has come up with that very solution. After 15 years in the Marine Corps, Bruce Long sustained a back injury that required back surgery twice before a neurosurgeon told him he should consider pursuing a new chapter in his life. Long and his wife agreed, and Long was sent to the Wounded Warrior Battalion at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton for a year where he had his third back surgery. “I was able to utilize programs at the Wounded Warrior Battalion to go ahead and start kinda linking up the next process, the next chapter of my life,” Long said. “I did some studying, and coffee was something that I always was passionate ab
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