Mylar balloons and electrical wires make for a dangerous combination

three balloons tied to a small tree
Mylar balloon bouquets can drift great distances and right into power lines, causing dangerous conditions. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Everyone loves to celebrate a graduation, birthday, baby shower, anniversary or wish someone well by purchasing a bouquet of silvery, sparkling helium-filled balloons. With their colorful messages printed on their surfaces, these balloons represent fun and good times.However, if the balloon bunch accidently gets away and floats into electrical lines, it could cause a great deal of trouble and create hazardous conditions.Mylar balloons are extremely dangerous around power lines. The shiny metallic coating conducts electricity. They can short out transformers, cause power outages, melt wires and cause them to fall to the ground. They can spark a power surge that could potentially ruin electronics and appliances. A fire, power outage or electrocution of people on the ground can be the
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