Local crocheter creates a stunning piece of art

Jeremy Leon Guerrero crochets an intricate eastern dragon and photographs it in Fallbrook. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Local Fallbrook resident Jeremy Leon Guerrero created an amigurumi crochet eastern dragon that went viral online.Leon Guerrero had posted it to a local Facebook page to showcase his work.“I had no idea it was going to blow up the way it did,” Leon Guerrero said. His first introduction to amigurumi, a way of crocheting things to make toys and dolls, was several years before when his boss introduced him and his co-workers to knitting.They decided to take a knitting class during their lunch breaks. “The first class there was like 12, 13 people and two guys were in it,” Leon Guerrero said. “Then the next class there were only like six people left and by the third class I was the only one.“For some reason I was Googling things online and I went onto YouTube to see if
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