Hera Hub offers coworking space in Temecula for those tired of working from home

Besides individual offices, Hera Hub Temecula offers another large space with rows of tables, a mail and printer room, a second lounge, a smaller conference room and a second coffee bar. Valley News/Lexington Howe photo
Clients can settle in and listen to the sound of water faintly cascading down tiered fountains at Hera Hub Temecula, a coworking space with a spa-inspired atmosphere. Alisha Wilkins, who has a doctorate in organizational psychology, said she knew about the remote coworking model as a result of her research and thought it would be a good idea to create one in the Temecula area. “Our model is probably a little different from some other coworking spaces, in that a majority of our space is coworking because what we really want to evoke is a community,” Wilkins said. The Temecula off
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