Vast majority of Whites are not racist

Harold Pease Ph.D.
Harold Pease, Ph.D.
Most Americans and virtually all Christians were taught not to mistreat others, that God is the father of all and that people demonstrate their love for God by how they treat and serve others. The vast majority of Whites, including police, are not unkind to Blacks and are not racist. So don’t say that all Whites, and only Whites, have some kind of systemic racism because of the color of their skin. That belief is very racist and a lie.I, like most Americans, have never participated in any activity harmful to Blacks. In fact, most Americans have ancestors who fought in the Civil War to help rid this nation of slavery – 360,222 northerners dying for that cause. And it was largely Whites that gave America their first Black president. If Whites were systemic racists that would have nev
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