Temecula resident’s Star Wars artwork licensed by Lucasfilm

Schoeffler, who grew up watching the original Star Wars films with his father, recently obtains an official license with ACME Archives Ltd. and Lucasfilm Ltd. for his three trilogy posters. Valley News/Courtesy photo
What started off as a hobby for one Temecula resident has turned into a licensed project with Lucasfilm Ltd.. Deven Schoeffler, 39, said he grew up watching the original 80s Star Wars films with his father. “We would watch them on our little color TV; we’d watch the VHS tapes,” Schoeffler said. “I’ve always been a fan of just drawing the aesthetics of Star Wars, (they) were just really appealing, everything about them was super cool.” Schoeffler attended Rancho Elementary School, Margarita
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