Avoid hair loss in stressful – and other – times

hair loss
Hair loss. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Mount Pleasant, S.C. – People go partially or fully bald for any number of reasons – hormones, genetics and aging, among others – but since National Hair Loss Awareness Month arrives in August in the middle of a pandemic-fueled recession, one factor is taking center stage. Stress. “Stress certainly can contribute to hair loss because it can affect hormone levels,” Dr. Patrick Angelos, author of “The Science and Art of Hair Restoration: A Patient’s Guide,” said. “Any number of stressful events can lead to a sudden loss of hair, although in those cases the hair typically will grow back over time.” For more permanent hair-loss concerns, Angelos, a plastic surgeon who specializes in hair restoration, uses robotic treatment to help patients regain their hair. The pro
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