Movie Review: ‘The Secret Garden’

Robert Garver, Special to Valley News It’s been a while since I reviewed a children’s movie. “Scoob!” was the last one, back in May. There’s a pleasantness to these movies that I missed. Obviously, children’s movies can get into dark subject matter the same way movies for grown-ups can be light, and indeed “The Secret Garden” is heavy on characters dealing with loss and estrangement. But this movie, like most children’s movies, is quick to turn those storm clouds into a rainbow. And it’s in a way the whole family can enjoy, with plenty of bright colors and whimsy, but no lame physical humor or obnoxious pop music. The movie, based on a classic novel, follows 10-year-old Mary Lennox, played by Dixie Egerickx, as she loses her parents in India and goes to live with
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