Protest held at Red Hawk Elementary after teacher alleges racial profiling

Tiffany Suetos, physical education teacher at Red Hawk Elementary School in Temecula, receives support from individuals gathering at the school to protest racism, Thursday, Aug. 20. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
A group of more than 100 members of the Temecula community turned out to Red Hawk Elementary School in the afternoon Thursday, Aug. 20, as part of a protest to support Tiffany Suetos, a physical education teacher who said she had been racially profiled outside of that school the previous week.“I didn’t expect any of this. I wasn’t looking for this,” Suetos said at the gathering, which included TVUSD educators, students and other local residents. “My husband told me this needed to be shared, and I actually listened to him for once.”The dozens of demonstrators held a brief march around the neighborhood, waving Black Lives Matter signs and chanting things like “no justice, no peace.”People gather to su
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