Hear the case for adopting older adult dogs

Adobestock / Mary Lynn Strand photo
Susan Marie, The Doggy Diva ShowWhen considering adopting a dog into your family, many people often think that a cuddly, energetic puppy is the most appealing choice. Though puppies are fun and undeniably cute, the cuteness doesn’t come without a lot of work. There is a definite case to be made for older adult dogs.These older dogs often get overlooked at the shelters. But they need good homes, too – even more so than the younger pups. Shelters usually have a larger older adult pet population and by adopting one, you are truly saving and changing a life. Some of these older dogs have been cast aside for unfortunate reasons by their families – maybe even simply because they just aren’t as peppy as they used to be. Imagine the sense of betrayal a dog might feel. One would th
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