Racist video allegedly involving TVHS student under investigation

Allen Williams, principal of Temecula Valley High School, sends an email to school stakeholders Friday, Aug. 28, indicating that the school was investigating a video reportedly featuring at least one TVHS student making racist comments and slurs. Valley News/Courtesy photo
A video showing two teenage females using racist language surfaced in recent days causing an uproar on social media and prompting Allen Williams, principal of Temecula Valley High School, to issue a statement to school stakeholders.“It came to our schools’ attention that there is a video of a Temecula Valley High School student making racist remarks, which included use of the N-word,” Williams said in the emailed statement Friday, Aug. 28. “This is despicable behavior and will not be tolerated. “Please be assured that we will adhere to the California Education Code and the California Penal Code as we investigate and make determinations on consequences. Law enforcement has been notified and is working alongside us,” he said.The video, which is short in length, showed th
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