Rabid bat potentially infects Safari Park visitor, county seeks ID of visitor

San Diego (CNS) - San Diego County officials asked for the public's help Monday, Sept. 7 to identify the person, and possibly others, who may have been exposed to rabies this weekend while visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in San Pasqual. According to officials, a bat flew near an unknown woman around 11:30 a.m. Sunday at the park's Mombasa Cooker at Nairobi Village. A trained park employee later captured the bat and sent it to be tested for rabies. The County of Public Health Laboratory confirmed that the bat was rabid. The bat was not one of the Safari Park's animals. Those who came into close contact with the bat left the park before sharing their contact information, according to park staff. "We are concerned about the health of this woman and any park patrons who were in direc
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