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Riverside University Health System reported 133 new cases of COVID-19 Thursday, Sept. 10, the second-lowest one-day new case total since June 22, and 9 new deaths throughout the county. In all, 54,868 have tested positive for the virus and 1,094 people have died since the county began recording data back in early March. 

The county reported there were four more people hospitalized overnight — a total of 189. There are currently 57 people being treated in ICUs for the virus, five fewer than the day before.

The county reported that 49,176 people have recovered from the virus, but that number is 415 more than what was reported Wednesday

The county reported that 559,289 have been tested so far. 

There were 398 confirmed cases in county jails and another 1,812 cases recorded in state prisons within the county Thursday

The number of known active cases countywide is 4,598, a decline of 291 since Wednesday. The active count is derived by subtracting deaths and recoveries from the current total — 54,868 — according to the County Executive Office.

Officials urged those with and without symptoms to get tested, as well as younger people who traditionally have not gotten screened at the same rate as other groups.

Though Riverside County has the volume to test 4,000 people a day, only half that number have been getting tested at county and state testing sites in recent weeks, RUHS officials said. They believe this is partly due to more private providers offering antigen and antibody testing, which is not calculated in the state’s testing metric for active infections.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in slowing the spread of the disease and we want residents to know that more testing will help us continue to disrupt the spread of the virus,” said Kim Saruwatari, director of the Riverside University Health System-Public Health.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, Riverside County led the state in per capita testing. We need to pick up our testing again — for both the purpose of isolating the sick and to help us safely reopen more parts of our community.”

There are 13 screening sites countywide, and they can be found at

Riverside County began including a count of the recoveries in each city and community and Valley News has reformatted the report to make the numbers easier to read and interpret. 

On Thursday, the numbers for each city in southwest Riverside County didn’t seem to be updated on the county website, or there were no changes overnight. 

The current number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and recoveries by city and community:

Confirmed Cases: 989
Deaths: 10
Recovered: 898

Confirmed Cases: 1,121
Deaths: 21
Recovered: 1,019

Confirmed Cases: 536
Deaths: 14
Recovered: 460

Lake Elsinore
Confirmed Cases: 1,176
Deaths: 20
Recovered: 1,062

Canyon Lake
Confirmed Cases: 93
Deaths: 2
Recovered: 79

Confirmed Cases: 1,374
Deaths: 24
Recovered: 1,160

Confirmed Cases: 1,599
Deaths: 57
Recovered: 1,393

San Jacinto
Confirmed Cases: 1,063
Deaths: 22
Recovered: 960

Confirmed Cases: 14
Deaths: 0
Recovered: 13

East Hemet
Confirmed Cases: 322
Deaths: 5
Recovered: 269

French Valley
Confirmed Cases: 302
Deaths: 1
Recovered: 272

Lakeland Village
Confirmed Cases: 205
Deaths: 2
Recovered: 183

Valle Vista
Confirmed Cases: 219
Deaths: 5
Recovered: 187

Confirmed Cases: 19
Deaths: 0
Recovered: 17

Daily updates and more information on coronavirus in Riverside County can be found on the county’s website,

City News Service contributed to this report. 

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