Redshanks bloom around Anza

Redshank have tiny needle-like evergreen leaves on scraggly branches. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
One of the most common sights in the Anza Valley are vast expenses of redshank forests covering the mountains and canyons, amid the boulders and sagebrush. The redshank, or ribbonwood shrub, Adenostoma sparsifolium is actually a member of the scientific family Rosaceae – the rose family – which includes 4,828 known flowering species. However, redshank and chamise – A. fasciculatum – are the only two species in their genus within Rosaceae. The plant is named ribbonwood for the delicate paper-like bark that sloughs off the trunk and branches of the plant, while the term redshank describes the color of both bark and interior wood. Tiny redshank blossoms are visible in large clumps or clusters. Anza Valley Outlook
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