‘Sushi kept following me’ says local sushi chef bringing the art of sushi-making into homes

Sushi chef Don Munoz has been making sushi since he was 19 and recently opened up his own business this last year. Valley News/Courtesy photos
Sushi chef Don Munoz wasn’t quite sure sushi was the path for him when he first started off in the food business. “I started when I was 19,” Munoz said. “My roommate was at Sushi Camp off 79, he was a server over there and they needed a chef right away because someone had left.” Munoz ended up trying out for the job and liked it. “I stayed there for three years,” Munoz said. “I was so young I wasn’t sure if sushi was my calling. “I left and then went to college and did other stuff, and then during that sushi kept following me,” Munoz said. Munoz stayed in the business. [caption id="attachment_33963"
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