Practice fire safety for furry family members

Pets should always be included in a family’s fire evacuation plan. Always involve your pets and stay aware of their typical hiding spots or safe places where they often nap, in case you must evacuate quickly. Valley News/Getty Images photo
Family Features, Special to Valley News If you have a fire escape plan in place for your home, you’re steps ahead of many Americans. According to the National Fire Protection Association, only 30% of American households have developed and practiced a home fire escape plan. It’s important for families to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared in the event of a fire. If an emergency occurs, every member of the household should be accounted for, including pets. Every year, 500,000 pets suffer from smoke inhalation and 40,000 die due to home fires, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. With 90% of pet owners stating they consider their animals members of the family, according to UBS, it is important to be prepared to rescue four-legged friends when disaster st
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