F.U.N. Group receives big food donation

Diane Sieker photo
The Friends Uniting Neighbors Group received 100 pallets of food, donated from a nearby school district, Monday, Sept. 21.“Louis Ippolito and his partner have control over the food and are sending it here, rather than letting it be wasted by disposing of good food. They are paying for the trucks, drivers, fuel and even a forklift to help unload. His generosity is staggering,” Bill Donahue said.The large donation was moved and stored by volunteers.“I will only be given 24 hours to move all the food out of the warehouse and distribute it,” Donahue said before the delivery. “A 53-foot semi-trailer holds 26 pallets, single stacked. This is a lot of food. The next 24 hours could be crazy.”With less than 24-hours notice, the F.U.N. Group sprang into action to accept t
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