Movie Review: ‘Unhinged’

Bob Garver Special to Valley News It seems almost quaint to review this movie now. Three weeks ago, “Unhinged” opened as the first big post-pandemic theatrical release. The problem was that the theater closest to my parents’ house didn’t reopen until a week later. I saw “Unhinged” at the first opportunity, but I also saw and reviewed “The New Mutants,” which was the bigger movie that weekend. Last weekend saw the release of “Tenet,” which also warranted an immediate review, and in fact, the film still sits atop the box office. The time has come to double back and review “Unhinged,” though its appeal as the first movie back has since worn off. “Unhinged” stars Caren Pistorius and Russell Crowe – don’t let the advertising trick you into thinking Crowe
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