Women repaint road signs

Michelle Aarvig, left, Shannon Edmundson and Carletta Gordon-Stokes take a break from touching up and sealing the Susan Eyer-Anderson Cary road sign Saturday, Sept. 19. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Hand-painted road signs, which were originally donated by Susan Eyer-Anderson in 2017, are getting maintenance and care, thanks to a trio of local women. Shannon Edmondson, Michelle Aarvig and Carletta Gordon-Stokes have adopted the unique boards. They began work on the Cary Road sign Saturday, Sept. 19, touching up the images and sealing the paint against the coming winter weather. “We wanted to maintain the beautiful artwork that Susan Eyer-Anderson donated to our little town of Anza,” Edmondson said. “We decided to adopt a sign.” Eyer-Anderson was well known as the “Anza Phantom Artist” that created and secretly installed signs all over Anza in 2017. The signs featured the town and street names, complete with horse, sunset and patriotic images. A professional artist
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