Temecula City Council District 4 candidates Mark Gular, Sonia Perez, Adam Ruiz and James Stewart

Clockwise from top right: Temecula City Council candidates Mark Gular, Sonia Perez, James Stewart and Adam Ruiz.
When former Temecula Mayor James Stewart resigned earlier this year over an email that was criticized as racist, it threw the outcome of this year’s race for the Temecula’s District 4 City Council seat into question.Back in June, Stewart responded to a constituent’s email on the subject of police sensitivity training with a message that said in part “I don’t believe there’s ever been a good person of color killed by a police officer.”When that email became public, the mayor quickly drew backlash, and while he said the email resulted from a typo made while using speech-to-text software, he ultimately stepped down both as mayor and from his city council seat.“City of Temecula, I hear you, I agree with you, and I am deeply sorry,” Stewart said at the time.But
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