Consider simple ways to give back every day

By ordering takeout or buying from local retailers instead of their big box competitors, residents are giving back to their communities while spending money they would be spending anyway. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – Giving back to one’s community strengthens towns and neighborhoods and makes them better places to live. Many people volunteer with local charitable organizations, while others make annual donations that help charities and nonprofits achieve their missions. Giving back to your community can require a big commitment, but there are simple ways to give back each day as well. Whether you’re strapped for time and can’t volunteer or simply want to do a little more than you already do to support your community, the following are some simple ways to give back every day. Support a local business. Many small businesses have suffered losses and set-backs since the coronavirus pandemic began. Such businesses help communities thrive in many ways, including employing local re
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