AEC explains recent power disruptions

Materials stand at the ready at Anza Electric Cooperative’s storage yard in Anza. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Electric power disruptions have become more commonplace in recent months, causing some residents concern about the resiliency of the local system. “As you are all aware, the last few months has seen a fairly high incidence of disturbances on our electric distribution system,” Kevin Short, general manager of Anza Electric Cooperative, said. “We have experienced a higher than average number of outages, from various causes.” The cooperative is a single radial-fed system, meaning that it exists with only one point of connection to the larger transmission and distribution grid. While this type of design was the least costly when it was first built in 1951, it is also the least reliable due to its lack of redundancy. It means that AEC members are subject to more frequent outages ac
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